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Renew your Kitchen with a Garden Theme


With the right style, design and creativity, you can transform a white and dull space into a diverse and fabulous kitchen. Learn how a designer was able to revitalize a homeowner’s bland kitchen in fusing the modern design with that of features that on the vintage uptake while mixing it with color.

Her kitchen already had personality and spirit but it was just drab and dreary. She had windows that were unadorned and her overhead fixtures like her chandelier was too outdated. She kept a wonderful collection of teacups but there was no place to showcase it. Her dining room looked too small for her table and the chairs did not look inviting. In addition to that, her cabinetry looked too out of place in the room. The entire kitchen just lacked character and fashion.

The designer then chose to have a garden scheme for her kitchen. A pedestal table that was circular in shape and customized chairs gave off a warm and comfortable area for seeing visitors. The free space made available was then reserved for the cabinets. The back end wall was highlighted by using curtains that came from a classic appearing fabric. A rail was then installed right above the window to serve as racks to display her dish collection. In entirety, the kitchen now looked like a warm and diverse kitchen with a garden scheme perfect for meal prep and entertaining.

modern rustic kitchen interior

Since her refrigerator was too small, the designer installed a cabinet surround for it to give the illusion of magnitude. It was also a good location to put her microwave to make the space that use to contain it available for something else. The designer then used the same detailing on the cabinet wood to the other shelves to give it a customized look. The shelves then became the perfect place to showcase her teacup collection and other collectibles as well like her memento plank.

Using a birdcage, the designer created a unique light for the ceiling that complements the garden motif in the room by installing the light kit he had already. It was then painted green so that it will be highlighted from the ceiling up above that was colored white as well as the wall that was painted with a coral shade. He then concealed the bulb with rice paper to soften the light a little bit while still serving its function.


A butcher block was then brought in for additional workspace. It also doubles as a showcase area. The board that came with it which was intended for cutting was detachable to make it easy for cleaning. He made it blend into the rest of the kitchen by sanding it. After that, it was then repainted.

Mint green was then painted to the doors of the cabinet to be the same as the color of the tiles in the counter. A yellow edge was then used to accent it. Images of birds were then stenciled unto the tiles to finish the garden look for the kitchen.

Stitch Guide for Window Treatments

Buttonhole stitch

Working from left to right, push the needle up through the fabric, pointing away from the edge. Twist the thread around the point and pull the needle through. Keep the threads as straight as possible and pull so that a knot forms on the edge of the fabric.


Hemming stitch

Used on the hems of lined curtains and the hems and sides of unlined curtains. Slide the needle through the folded hem for 1.5cm. Pick up two threads of the main fabric and push needle back into the fold immediately. Slide through 1.5cm and continue.

Herringbone stitch

Working from left to right (for right handers) the needle should always be used from right to left. Stitch into the wrong side of the main fabric, picking up two threads. Approx. 1.5cm to the right and 1.5cm down make a stitch into the hem. Pull through and stitch again into the wrong side


Ladder stitch

Used to join two folds together. Slide needle along fold 0.5cm and straight into the fold opposite. Slide along for 0.5cm and straight into the fold opposite. Slide along for 0.5cm and back into the first fold again directly opposite.

Locking  in stitch

Used to hold lining to main fabric so that the fabrics cannot separate but allowing each fabric some degree of movement. Always use the same colour thread as the main fabric. Fold back the lining, secure thread to the lining and make a small stitch in the main fabric just below. Make a large loop 10cm (4 in) long and make a small stitch in the lining inside this loop. Stitch into the main fabric. Allow the stitch to remain slightly loose.


Planning the Four Areas of a Kitchen


The kitchen can be divided into four main areas. When planning a kitchen remodel it is helpful to take these areas into consideration. Food is prepared, stored, cooked and eaten in a kitchen. This article has some helpful tips to consider for each area.



This is where the food will be sliced, and measured before going into the cooking stage. Create a handy place for knives, measuring cups and large bowls within easy reach. In a smaller kitchen, instead of putting a cutting board on a counter install a sliding out one. Small but often used appliances such as a blender or food processor need a place in this area as well. Keeping all these items on the counter just creates clutter. When planning the kitchen remodel, create a large drawer for these items too large and heavy to go in a regular drawer.


The cooking station usually means the range and oven. However, when remodelling, consider if you want other items, such as an indoor grill.  No matter what is being used, a few things must be kept handy. Plan an area to keep tongs, large stirring spoons, a spatula or anything else that is used to move food around a hot area. It is also beneficial to keep the serving dishes close by.


Storing food can take up a lot of room if it is not organised. Taking some time to think of what is used most often helps this process. A person who always has a cluttered fridge may want to consider getting a larger one. A person who uses wine frequently might think about installing a professional wine fridge.


A pantry can hold almost everything if it is planned properly. Taller shelves for items such as cereal are a waste of space if all a person stores in there is canned goods. Likewise closely spaced shelves are useless to someone who needs large boxes. Simply going through the items that are in the kitchen currently will help the storage issue go smoothly.


Storage also includes putting away leftover food. A drawer for plastic wrap and tin foil is another way to keep organised. Somewhere to store plastic containers with lids, is something not often thought about, causing a lot of clutter later.


This area is where food is consumed, but it can also be the area that plates, napkins and tablecloths are kept. A hutch to keep rarely used china is an efficient and beautiful way to help organise this area.

Home Decorating With а Nаuticаl Thеmе

For thosе who lovе thе sea аnd еvеrything it rеprеsеnts thеrе is no bеttеr thеmе to bring into thеir home decorating plаns thаn а nаuticаl thеmе. Thе thеmе itsеlf is pеrfеctly lovеly аnd suitаblе for homes аnd homeownеrs thаt аrе not so in lovе with thе mystеry аnd romаncе of thе dееp bluе sea. For thosе who do lovе thе idea of sаiling off into thе sunsеt howеvеr, this is аn еxcеllеnt choicе for home decorating.

Thеrе аrе mаny wаys thаt а creativе mind cаn incorporаtе а nаuticаl thеmе into thе home decorating plаns. Onе of thеsе wаys is by using dаrkly stаinеd wаinscoting for thе lowеr hаlf of your wаlls аlong with а chаir rаil in ordеr to imitаtе thе woodеn intеrior of finеr sаiling vеssеls. This imitаtеs thе intеrior of а sаilboаt аnd some powеrboаts. This is аn imprеssivе аddition in most homes аnd quitе аmbitious in some аs it is not thе lеast еxpеnsivе mеthod of decorating. Thе еffеcts howеvеr аrе stunning whеn usеd for this purposе.

Anothеr great idea is to usе а mаrinе shаdе of bluе for curtаins аnd window covеrings аnd hаvе thеm mаdе of thе sаmе typе of mаtеriаls thаt sаil covеrs аrе mаdе of on а sаilboаt. If you аrе truly аmbitious you could еlеct to pаint thе wаlls in this mаrinе shаdе of bluе аnd sеlеct аnothеr color for thе curtаins or woodеn blinds instead. Howеvеr, whitе wаlls аrе pеrfеctly аccеptаblе whеn it comes to creating thе look аnd fееl of thе intеrior of а boаt.

Ropе is аnothеr great tool to usе in ordеr to mаkе thе nаuticаl thеmе а bit morе аuthеntic. You cаn twinе ropе аround picturе frаmеs, cаndlеholdеrs, аnd аll mаnnеr of othеr things in ordеr to incorporаtе thе ropе into thе room without hаving it look out of plаcе. If you аrе truly аmbitious you could еvеn string а hаmmock in some forgottеn cornеr of thе room in ordеr to hold coаts in thе wintеrtimе or mеrеly to аuthеnticаtе thе thеmе to some dеgrее.

Portаls, clocks, bаrometеrs, аnd such mаkе еxcеllеnt аrt in а nаuticаl thеmеd room. Othеr great аdditions would includе itеms such аs seashеlls, sаnd dollаrs, modеl boаts, аnd аrtwork dеpicting thе sea. For mаny, this is whеrе wе fееl most аt home, wе dеrivе our inspirаtion, аnd wе litеrаlly fееl аs though wе cаn truly communе with Mothеr Nаturе.

No nаuticаl thеmеd room or home is complеtе without а lighthousе to guidе weary sаilors home аt thе еnd of а long journеy. Do not nеglеct аn importаnt featurе such аs this in your nаuticаl thеmеd home decorating vеnturеs аnd purchаsеs. If you аrе lost аs to how to subtly incorporаtе this into your room you mаy wаnt to look up а tаlеntеd аrtist by thе nаmе of Thomаs Kincаid. Hе is known аs thе pаintеr of light аnd hаs mаnаgеd to cаpturе thе еssеncе of lighthousеs in а mаnnеr thаt no othеr аrtist hаs bееn аblе to duplicаtе. Onе of his pаintings would mаkе аn еxcеllеnt аddition to your nаuticаl thеmе.

A nаuticаl thеmе for home decorating is а great wаy to go for mаny fаmiliеs аnd for mаny reasons. All in аll it isn’t thе most еxpеnsivе of decorativе thеmеs though it isn’t by аny means thе lеast еxpеnsivе еithеr. Thе good nеws is thаt thеrе аrе vеry fеw аbsolutеly right or wrong wаys in which to аchiеvе thе look аnd аtmosphеrе you аrе hoping to аchiеvе.

10 Home remodeling tips for paraplegics


If you lodge a person in a wheelchair try the following 10 home remodeling tips for paraplegics. When attempting the project there is always one word to remember and that is space.

1. Walk through the house with the wheelchair to gain a perspective of problem areas. Make a list and tackles these areas first.

2. Visit the hospital. Speak to the physiotherapists, doctors and occupational therapist to gain insight on what is required. Have on or two visit the premises to give advice. Apply what you have learned.

3. Instead of remodeling the front door make a separate entrance. The passage way from outside of the house requires a ramp and a railing. Build the ramp wide enough and not too steep. The entrance door needs to be broad enough to enter through.

4. The hallway itself needs to be wide to make it easy to move around. An open plan option is always good because then you avoid too many doors.

5. Organize the bedroom and use practical storage facilities. Remove unnecessary clutter. Install lights that can switch off by using a remote. A drawer is more functional because it is easy to reach for a shirt or any other item clothing. If your only option is a closet hang the railing lower.

6. Redo the bathroom sink so that it is at a level where a wheelchair will be able to fit underneath. Ensure that you have enough space in the shower. Install bars on the bath to make it easily accessible. The flooring is just as important. Use non slip tiles and rubber mats to avoid any accidents.

7. It is not difficult to reorganize the kitchen. Open up the area if it is enclosed. Countertops must be level with the person and cupboards must be organized that frequently used stuff is packed in the lower parts.

8. To redo the lounge is not that difficult. Replace a 3 seat sofa with 2 seat sofa. Remove the coffee table. Keep things simple. Do everything on a smaller scale.

9. Get rid of loose rugs. Big furniture and any odd pieces that is not used.

10. After implementing everything take the paraplegic lodger through the area. If there are still areas that are not satisfactory get it looked at.

Do not expect that the 10 Home remodeling ideas for paraplegics will resolve every problem in the house. It will however make the home more functional.

Do It Yourself Home Improvement Guides For Renovation


Many people find it way over their budget when they receive the bills for the renovation activities done in their homes. Most people when they hire help for the various renovation or improvement activities in their homes do not realize that they bill can go way above the expected cost. In the end they will have to pay up for the work ending completely bankrupt. Even though renovating the whole house is a very tiresome task this can be done by the family members themselves through DIY improvement guides.


Doing the Plumbing Work with DIY Guides

Many people think that plumbing is something which requires experts for the job, but this is a completely wrong notion. A DIY guide gives some very good tips which can help the person do all the plumbing in their homes on their own. One of the most important tips specified in these DIY guides is to ensure that top quality pipes are used at the time of installation. If this is done so then there will be only maintenance requirements in the future and not any of that complete pipeline reinstallation.


Selecting the right DIY guides for the process is also important. There are many online DIY guides available a person can either make use of any of those or rather they can buy one from the nearest book store. In most cases these books will provide very good tips regarding the maintenance of the plumbing lines which can reduce any leakage or future complications. They also provide help regarding the cleaning of the blockages in the pipelines, repairing and installing of faucets etc. They will also provide various tips as to how to get clean drinking water through the taps.



Buying Do It Yourself Home Improvement Guides


Do It Yourself Home Improvement Guides have become very popular in the public recently. These guides provide the people with a means to spend their spare time and also save a lot of money. Many people think that these home improvement tasks are very difficult and can be done only by experienced professionals. The Do It Yourself Home Improvement Guides helps a person to do these tasks easily and thus saving a lot of money.  There are many online websites which are dedicated to providing the customers with these Do It Yourself Home Improvement Guides. Since there are a large number of online websites the person must be careful regarding which website they choose.

Selecting DIY Guides for the Purpose


A person can get these DIY guides online or through any of the book stores. The person just needs to go to the nearest book store and ask for the Do It Yourself Home Improvement Guide. While buying these guides the person must be careful while looking into the guide. If the person is looking for a specific home improvement guide for a specific task make sure the book they select have the task clearly explained in them. If they are looking for guides on tasks like painting, plumbing, gardening etc there are Do It Yourself Home Improvement Guides especially for these tasks.

If the person cannot find the Do It Yourself Home Improvement Guides in the book store near to them then they can go online and search for the book. Most of the online shopping websites like Amazon and eBay provide a good collection of these home improvement guides. They can order the books online and get them delivered at their doorstep without any trouble.

Commercial flooring makes a special office environment


Do you want to give a special look to your office??? Want to change its environment to new one?? then just go for Commercial Flooring offered from ecotile flooring firm which is standing top in the list of leading floor tile manufacturers. Ecotile will be an ideal solution for all your flooring purposes whether it is commercial flooring, industrial flooring, garage flooring, school flooring or any other type of domestic flooring. It offers various models of interlocking floor tiles and fits the purposes of every customer. If you opt the commercial flooring for your office or any other private building then you can simply give an excellent appearance to it.

This floor tile company offers numerous designs and colors in all textures of floor tiles and offers the standard interlocking and installation system. This firm is well known for retail outlets, offices, sports, garages, schools floor tiles. They provide an extra-ordinary low maintenance floor tiles to the customers that give longer durability in service without any damages. You can shop these floor tiles at and can enjoy 5% discount on the actual prices. They are best to make on carpet alternatives. They posse’s good anti-slip properties and quick way of installation. If you want to give a neat and comfortable appearance to your floor then do choose the commercial flooring from Ecotile interlocking floor Tile Company.

Make your home dust and sound proof with glazing glasses

We are not guaranteed sound and dust free environment when we buy our home or apartment. But we can surely make one by adding glazing glasses to the window panes and other places in order to prevent the external dust and sound from making our lives miserable inside. Sometimes it becomes even tough to stay inside with heat waves and hot air entering our cool and comfortable homes from outside. In such cases Secondary glazing glasses come to our rescue and prevent the excess heat from entering into our splendid and relaxed home environment. These glasses are specially designed for those people who likes cool, quiet and problem free home environment. Thus people who want to save themselves either from the excess heat in summer or from the noise pollution they face every day they can go ahead and order these glazing glasses from the local shops or from the internet where these quality glass panes are sold online.

People who have already decided to opt for these glazing glasses can even select Double glazing service offered by many online companies on the internet so that they can help in fitting these glasses properly on the window pane and other places of interest. Though it is not necessary but it is advised that when someone has opted for such glazing glasses first time for their homes, they take help from these professional service oriented companies so that everything fits in place accurately. The charges taken by these companies are nominal too and thus people might not need to worry about the charges involved for these services. Most of these companies can be contacted online with the aid of their websites. But before contacting these professionals’ people may easily buy these glazing glasses and thus remain ready for the upcoming service.


Bedding & Baby Accessories

Outfitting the nursery in anticipation of the new arrival is one of the most joyful parts of family life – so many hopes and dreams as you plan for your little wonder. There are many delightful baby star bedding collections – so much so, it may be difficult to choose a favorite. Whatever you decide, there are some basics you will need to know.

Most baby bedding is sized to fit a standard rectangular crib mattress and if you are planning on borrowing or using a second-hand crib you’ll want to be sure to invest in a new crib mattress. The standard baby bedding set consists of a fitted crib sheet, a crib skirt which is similar to a bed skirt and one or more crib bumpers. Many baby bedding sets offer additional accessories such as diaper stackers, mobiles and so on; it’s a good idea to select baby bedding which is part of a collection so you can outfit the nursery effortlessly.

When thinking of what’s best for baby, bath weight scale may not be top of mind but weighing your baby is an important part of monitoring overall health and development. The notion of standing on a conventional scale while holding your baby and then again without your baby in order to determine weight is not the way to go; there are specially designed baby scales which are designed to make weighing your baby fun. The American Red Cross Soothing baby scale by Learning Curve features a musical option along with the ability to accurately weigh your baby even if wrapped in a blanket.

Ideas for making a good living room

Living room is that part of the house where we spend most of the time in the house when we are awake. The people who visit us normally look at the living room. So arranging the living room is a must. Here are some small living room furniture ideas that would make your living room better.

Keep your living room in such a condition that everything looks clean and tidy. The living room should consist of all the normal amenities like sofa set, television, music systemand the day to day things that are required at hand. In UK beside or along with the living room there are usually include acool dining table. The living room may also consist of good pictures and handicrafts or special work of art which you make or appreciate.UK dining room furniture is very classy in design and adds to increase the class of the interior of the house.